Rattan  Garden Furniture and  TECHNORATTAN  - advantages and disadvantages

RATTAN AND TECHNORATTAN - WHAT ARE THEY DIFFERENT? Rattan is a tropical plant belonging to the group of palm trees, characterized by thorny shoots. Its wood is imported to Europe from South America and Asia. For many centuries it has been used in furniture and artistic arts, as it becomes plastic under the influence of water vapor. Thanks to these properties, rattan can be shaped freely (to a greater extent than wicker), giving the resulting equipment any form. Furniture made of this material is extremely decorative, comfortable, and light. Unfortunately, they have a disadvantage - they are not very durable in open ground. Consequently, garden owners often give up on them in favor of plastic furniture, proper wood, metal or polyrattan.

The last of the mentioned materials - technorattan - is a synthetic resin consisting of polyethylene fibers with UV light fixers applied. Technorattan is modeled on rattan (hence the similar name), but it has been significantly "improved" in the production process. In the past, rattan and technorattan furniture could be found mainly in hotels, vacation spots or spas. Every year, however, more and more people are convinced of them, buying for their garden or home.

DISADVANTAGES AND ADVANTAGES OF TECHNORATTAN: Polyrattan furniture, similar to rattan furniture, also has flexible properties and can be shaped in various ways. With the use of appropriate technologies, polyrattan is, however, much more durable than rattan. The material does not discolor under the influence of sunlight and is resistant to weather conditions (regardless of whether it is rain, snow, hail, frost, or high temperatures). During the winter, the furniture can be stored even in sub-zero temperatures. The synthetic resin constructions are very light and pose no problems in handling. They are very often called indestructible furniture (within reason, of course), which is why they can be found basically all over the world - especially in countries with a tropical climate and in coastal towns. For people who like eating meals and organizing social meetings in the garden, another advantage of TECHNORATTAN furniture is important: resistance to dirt or discoloration when in contact with salt, fats, coffee, alcohol and other substances. The combination of all properties means that poly rattan retains its original, fresh appearance for a long time. The only drawback that may notice is ... the price. Rattan furniture is usually more expensive than its wooden counterparts, however, in recent years, a lot of competitively priced products have appeared on the market.

TECHNORATTAN FURNITURE - WHAT ARE THEY? Most often, you can buy (in various forms) a basic dinner and leisure set: a table and armchairs, chairs or benches. However, products such as rattan swings, bar sets, garden beds or deckchairs are found somewhat less frequently. Individual products differ not only in shape, color and size, but also in texture and manufacturing technique. Even though poly rattan is synthetic, first impressions of contact are positive and… surprising. The material is nothing like plastic, but rather its natural counterpart - rattan. Among the producers of TECHNORATTAN furniture, it is worth paying attention to GardenPoint and Bica.

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