Pop up Gazebo - POP-UP express tent - what exactly is it?

We usually associate the word "express" quite ambiguously. Because the "Pop up Gazebo" will get us there faster and more efficiently than a regular one, but you will have to pay more. On the other hand, express soup is cheap, we will prepare it - as the name suggests - in no time, but usually, it will come at the expense of quality, and maybe even ... health. Is it possible to combine time-saving with low price and high quality?

In the case of garden accessories, as it turns out, it is quite possible. The POP-UP garden tent has been designed in such a way as to reduce the time of its unfolding to an absolute minimum and to make this process very simple. In the case of standard garden pavilions or gazebos, a lot of time (from several dozen minutes to several hours) must be spent on their assembly, in addition, it is a quite complicated task, and in the case of gazebos - it usually requires a professional construction team.

Express assembly of Pop up Gazebo tents

Meanwhile, the assembly process of a POP-UP tent is a matter of only a few dozen seconds! In addition, it is a task that will not cause a problem to anyone and everyone is able to do it on their own. There is no need to expose yourself to additional costs and hiring a construction team, you save on transport, you do not even need tools - just take the tent out of the bag and set it up. In the following video you can see for yourself how exactly it works:

And most importantly, all this does not come at the expense of quality and presence compared to standard garden pavilions! Of course, it is a matter of taste whether someone prefers to rest under the roof of tin or wooden gazebo or a traditional pavilion, but the fact is that the POP-UP garden tents offered in our online store are as elegant as the above-mentioned solutions. They are carefully made, available in universal colors, designed to fit virtually any environment.

So what is the "catch"? Maybe they do not protect against harmful UV radiation? None of these things - they provide comprehensive protection and allow you to stay safely under their roof even for many hours. On the contrary - it is one of the cheapest solutions available on the market! As if that were not enough, the POP-UP garden tent even outclasses the competition in terms of weight - it is almost three times lighter than standard pavilions and incomparably lighter than garden pop up gazebo , which makes it even easier to move it from place to place, if we have such a need. Our POP-UP gazebo pavilions are not heavier than fourteen kilograms, and thanks to the bag attached to them, we can easily move with them literally everywhere.

If we had to find any flaws, we would probably only pay attention to the greater stability of the gazebo or standard, heavier pavilions - but this advantage will only be visible if we want to rest outdoors during strong winds. In other, moderate weather conditions, the express tent discussed here will do just fine. The comfort of using this product is increased by a mosquito net that will protect us from mosquitoes, wasps and other insects, and you know how they can be annoying, especially during summer evenings.

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