A guide to buying bedside table lamps in the UK

Bedside table lamps are gaining more attention these days because they play an important role in enhancing the look of a room with uniqueness. They are the best choice for reading and other bedroom activities enabling users to ensure a bright light. However, buying a new bedside lamp involves certain parameters and one should follow them properly to overcome unwanted problems. Moreover, people can utilize them as home decor items which give ways to get the desired appearance. It is necessary to know more about them in detail before investing money. Here are some tips to follow while buying new bedside table lamps from the markets.

1. Width

Width is the most important thing to keep in mind when purchasing a bedside lamp. It is necessary to choose a lamp with the right width that can help obtain optimal results. Anyone who wants to buy a bedside table should make sure that a nightstand measures one-third and two-thirds the width of a mattress.

2. Height

Height is another factor to consider in bedside lamp buying because it contributes more to read a book and perform other tasks with ease. One should always select bedside table lamps with the same height as a nightstand with extra 2 or 3 inches. For example, a person should choose a lamp that is around 27 inches if a nightstand is 24 inches high.

3. Lampshade and shadows

While buying a bedside lamp, it is imperative to focus on the lampshade and shadows that can help gain more advantages. The right size lampshade should balance the lamp for accessing things in a bedroom easily. It is advisable to choose a lamp that is approximately two-thirds the height of a lamp’s body. Similarly, one should make sure that the width is twice the width of the lamp. Apart from that, they should give more importance to ergonomics while buying home decor items from a store.

4. Style of lamps

Style is another aspect to consider whenever people want to buy home accessories online which can help accomplish goals. Nowadays, a wide range of options is available for homeowners when it comes to bedside table lamps. They are the ideal solution for decoration purposes that can improve the ambiance of a room.

5. Mixing and matching

A bedside lamp not only needs to bend with a room’s style but also add to the other layers of existing lighting items. Therefore, it is essential to mix and match different home decor online including bedside table lamps with similar colors or geometric shapes.

6. Attention to detail

While buying home accessories online, one should always know more about the details of products with attention. Most bedside table lamps allow users to change shades quickly and some might come with a spider fitting.

7. Finding the right spot

People should find the right spot before and after buying home decor online to install the lamps without any difficulties. Users should read reviews of products before purchasing bedside lamp products for interior decoration applications.

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