What do you use dish drainers for and what to choose?

A dish dryer is in the kitchen. Even when you use a dishwasher every day, dryers or drips. We have cooked for you cute and ready for the dish.

This will also remove how much in your place in place. For a small kitchen, it will be, for example, a corner or two-level one. They take up little space, doing their job very well. The drying of dishes has taken on a new dimension since sterile laboratory style kitchens have become fashionable. We have assumed that everything is hidden inside the cabinets, the tops and fronts are shiny and always clean. That is why dish mats are introduced, which are rolled up and placed in a drawer. A dish dryer does not have to be a boring steel wire - check what we have prepared for you.

Hanging utensils

In order to change the order in vain to look for a place on the countertop for other accessories. That is why it is worth hanging the dryer above the sink. You can pull it against the wall or choose a hanging model under the cupboard. This way you will gain more space or storage space.

At the design stage, the cabinet can be made and a place for furniture design in the design. You need a souvenir to protect such a woman from moisture. How do you check the dish hanging? They used to be permanently attached to the wall, but it requires using them in tiles. Since at a certain moment we provide railings, we can suspend such art. This is a good solution because it is not permanent - compliance with the requirements related to accessories related to equipment, related to assembly or projects.

Steel dryer

When deciding to check with metal, you must check it - check with another material that has been made. coating of noodles. it will continue to be aesthetically pleasing.

The dryer can be made of stainless steel or chrome steel - both solutions prevent the metal from rusting due to moisture. Our DUO two-level drainer is a model made of chrome-plated steel. Perfect for both home and camping. A lightweight dryer with a simple form - perfect for minimalists.

One-tier dish dryer

Do you use a dishwasher every day and do not need a large dishwasher? Choose a single-level model on which to dry delicate porcelain or glass. A well-organized kitchen is a place where order and order always prevail. If you consider the use of every inch of the countertop, you will be able to comfortably use even a small kitchen.

Corner dish dryers are a great idea for clever use of space on the worktop. We offer two models - a corner dryer made of plastic or an elegant metal basket. For minimalistic arrangements with silver accessories, of course, the metal one will be the best.

The plastic model will perfectly blend in with the gray, stone countertop. If you want to maximally protect the countertop from splashes, this is the perfect dryer for you. There is not

pull-out tray for pouring water. It was designed so that the water flows into a sealed interior. To remove the water it has to be disassembled into two parts.

Two-tier dish dryer

Lots of dishes to dry and little counter space? In this situation, a two-tier dish dryer will be best. On the upper level, you can dry the plates after dinner for several people, while the lower drainer is a place for glasses and cups. A cutlery basket is hung on the side wall.

Such a rectangular dryer will fit on a small section of the table top - it will accommodate a lot of dishes without taking up space. Modern dish dryers definitely differ in design. These are no longer crude steel wires or large plastic structures. Chrome-plated metal, a large selection of forms, and colors make even such an inconspicuous kitchen accessory an effective decoration in the kitchen.

How do I clean a dish dryerAll places where moisture accumulates require daily cleaning. Stagnant water is home to bacteria and other dangerous microbes. After washing, empty the drier from the dishes and pour out the water in the drip tray. Lift the dryer and wipe the worktop underneath it - not only wood or furniture board do not like water. Also, the stone countertop with a white flake does not look good. Wash everything once a week - all you need is a sponge, a soft brush and washing-up liquid. Check out our smart home accessories, cleaning and impregnation products - they'll make cleaning easier. Thoroughly wash all the nooks and crannies - thanks to this, your dryer will look good all over the place, and bacteria or molds will not multiply in the kitchen.

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