A guide to buy unusual floor lamps

Like the name suggests, unusual floor lamps are floor lamps that are made up of unique or crafty designs that you will not find in other home decor items. If you are looking to buy home decor online, something like an unusual floor lamp, here is a complete guide crafted by 7 Interior Design:

What kind of era do you want to search from?

The thing about art is that it is timeless. However, many art projects are dedicated for a certain era. For example, some unique floor lamps may be made in recent years, but can be about a design that came out a while ago. When looking for funky floor lamps, you will want to decide on the era of design beforehand. If you are confused, always try to look for something that will go great with your home decor. Not all homes are made the same way. Your home should be following a certain era’s theme too. If your house offers neat and clean furniture that does not have any sort of special designs, you might be interested in buying modern unique floor lamps. If you live with your parents, there is a chance that your house is clad in a 70s or 80s home design. You will want quirky floor lamps that are compatible with that era’s design.

Always focus on being practical

Because of the recent flux of new designers focusing on designing extremely funky floor lamps, many of them have stopped focusing on the practicality. For example, some unusual floor lamps may have a very unique and slim design that barely holds the lamp in place. This makes such funky floor lamps a very uncomfortable choice for many users. Not only that, but it will always be a liability. Small earthquakes or even little bumps to the slim floor lamp will make it fall and get permanently damaged. Always focus on practicality first, and don’t let weird designs fool you into buying something that you will regret moments later.

Being durable is a bonus

We said to find something practical, which can also include something that is very durable. Durability will only make your floor lamp last longer and be able to sustain a lot of abuse without having to get it repaired. Brass is slowly becoming a very popular material used in lighting designs. It is very durable, and if you can find quirky floor lamps made of brass, that would be a cherry on top.

Look for modular bulbs 

A smart choice for many people who are buying unique floor lamps is to buy something that can change its bulbs easily. It is no secret that most of the bulbs go bad way sooner as compared to the lamp housing it is clad in. This is why, when looking for home decor items, always find something that you can easily replace parts of, without having to go through the effort of buying the complete thing. Reasons to go modular:

Here are some reasons to go modular:

• Easy to replace.

• Cheaper to maintain.

• Much cheaper in the long run.

• Can upgrade to ‘smart’ lamps in the future.

Final Thoughts: We hope that this small guide on buying unusual floor lamps was able to help you find the home decor items that you were looking for. If you are looking for a home decor online website, you are in the right place!

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