A guide to buying recliner armchairs in the UK.

A clear fact is all of us love relaxing home décor items, and the recliner chair has a special place during colder nights. The recliner chairs give the right reason to put your feet up and relax. The elderly love recliner chairs as it offers the extra support to get in and out of the chair.

There are many choices of recliner armchair sales out there. However, finding an appropriate chair may be a daunting project. Here is a guide offering key information to make an informed decision.

Recliner types

There are recliner chairs in multiple styles:

• Recliner chairs giving full comfort, allowing you to relax totally by putting up your feet. You can recline back and enjoy the freedom. Recliners come with a single or dual motor. There are manual choices for self-control.

• Riser recliner chairs relax the pressure on your back, neck, and joints. Riser recliners allow you to recline back and relax. They rise when you want to stand up, causing no joint pain.

• Swivel recliner chairs ensure perfect relaxation. They come as manual or electric type, a great addition to any relaxation area or living room.

Features to look for

Modern recliner armchair reclines to a comfortable position with a button press or level pull. In the reclined position, the chair offers back and neck support, thereby providing temporary relief to any niggling pains and aches. They offer respite often from knee and hip problems.

Thus, the features to look for in a recliner chair are:

• Look for the right size.

• Choose suitable functions for leg rest, whether you want to recline or control the movements independently.

• Choose a recliner chair with a dual-motor riser.

• Consider a battery back-up so that during power cuts also you can use it comfortably.

• Look for an anti-crush feature, a leather recliner armchair. It helps in avoiding accidents or getting beneath the mechanism.

• Consider the chair shape, you want it to remain in a recline or fixed position.

Making the Purchase

The traditional way of buying a chair is to try various models in a showroom or shop. If it is not feasible, an outstanding option is to buy home decor online, at the best prices. Many online suppliers offer a range of products, and reputable vendors will give specific information regarding the models. You can inform them about your budget, needs, and expectations.

Know your statistics

• Know the weight and height of the reclining chair. Match the chair to your weight and height. Check the seat width and depth and the chair height from seat to floor. It will help in getting the right size of the rise-recliner.

• Consider the usage, will you use it for your daily activities most of the day or a few hours in the evening to watch TV. Do you plan to sleep in it and have meals? Be clear about the estimated time you will spend with the recliner.

• If you have back or neck issues, neurological conditions, arthritis, or anything more, check with your consultant and make informed decisions.

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