SETSCZY Portable Air Conditioner Air Cooler 4 in 1 Water Fan Eco-Friendly Air Conditioner 3.5L Large Capacity Humidifier 3-Mode Timer with Remote Control

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➤ FANLESS AIR COOLER: The bladeless design of the air cooler has a sense of technology and high safety factor, especially suitable for families with children.

➤ TOUCH SCREEN: 3.5L large capacity air cooler is easy to operate, can be touched to adjust air volume, and it can also be remote controlled to avoid running.

➤ REMOTE CONTROL: It can be easily adjusted on the bed / sofa, which is ergonomic. It can also shake its head around 40 ° to support different directions.

➤3 MODEode / 3 SPEED / TIMING: 3 wind speeds combined with 3 modes, multiple control modes, portable air coolers conforming to humanized design, plus 1-8H timing, which can be adjusted according to your preference. The maximum wind speed at the air outlet is 10 m / s.

➤COOLING, VENTILATION, PUSH PREVENTION AND DEODORIZATION 4 IN 1: Steam type air cooler is also called eco-friendly air conditioner. It has full functions and ring-shaped air (rotary air).

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Product details

Model Number ‎315-142-442
Colour ‎White, Black
Power / Wattage ‎110 watts
Material ‎Other
Number of Speeds ‎3
Special Features ‎Dehumidifier

Rated power: 110 w
Water tank capacity: 3.5L
Maximum wind speed: 10m/s
Maximum speed: 10 meters
Material: ABS / PP
Cooling method: water curtain cooling
Wind speed: 3 speed
Normal: mode, sleep, natural wind
Swing: 40° left and right (manual up and down 15°)
Timer/device 1, 2, 4, 8H preset
Touch screen control + remote control
Cable length: 1.5 meters
Product size: 25.8 * 22 * 74cm

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