Air Conditioner Deflector for Ceiling Central Air Conditioning,Prevent The Air From Blowing Straight,Angle Adjustable,Suitable for 54-84cm,Lightweight Plastic Material(one piece)

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Dimensions:width [20cm],length[54cm]: the appropriate length is from 50 cm to 60 cm.width:[20cm],length [86cm]: suitable for a length of 80 to 90 cm.width:[20cm],length [94cm]: suitable for a length of 90 to 100 cm.light plastic material,stainless steel hanger .This product is a price of a piece.

The angle of the air deflector can be adjusted freely and the direction of the wind can be guided from top to bottom. The air deflector does not affect air conditioning and cooling.The air deflector can prevent condensation water.

Large bow can guide the wind smoothly, integrated panel, good wind guiding performance.

Polishing inside and outside,double knob design,strong toughness. Easy to install, easy to disassemble, easy to clean, durable, reusable and economical. Light, safe and easy to store

Avoid blowing cold air directly on the body, providing a comfortable indoor temperature, protecting the health of the family, and preventing cold air from harming pregnant women and children.

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Product details

Brand ‎Yingpai-Air Conditioner Deflector
Installation Type ‎Ceiling mount
Special Features ‎Strong,Lightweight
Compatible Devices ‎air_conditioner
Material Type ‎Plastic

Size classification: length 45-94cm.
Applicable room: living room, bedroom, office, office, etc.
This is a very practical air conditioning flapper for central ceiling air conditioning, lightweight plastic material, concise design, easy to install, set the two wings to the baffle angle freely, guide the wind angle. Easy to install and easy to remove, It prevents cold air directly Blows on the body and provides a light internal cooling to protect your health and that of your family. This material is easy to clean and can be reused, significantly reducing your operating costs and making it an ideal choice.

Customer questions and answers

  • Where is this coming from as I understood it was in UK but am now being told it will take 1 month to arrive!!
    The products are from China, our delivery time in the UK is 10-15 days, our products are very popular in the UK, welcome to buy

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