6 Sparkling Wine Glasses 20 cl Chef & Sommelier Open Up Range

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The champagne or the crémant can only take place in this style of a container. Having completed the glass until the split it will oxygen thanks to a large surface area in the upper part. The drinking closed properly will significantly with aromas to focus, while the bottom softness that enhances fine air bubbles. On the language, the champagne will at the tongue. M: 72 mm – H: 233 mm W: 130 g

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Brand ‎Chef & Sommelier
Colour ‎Transparent
Item Weight ‎1 Kilograms
Capacity ‎20 Centilitres
Material ‎Glass
Item Weight ‎1 kg

Champagne or Crémant can only flourish in this style of container. Having filled the glass up to the break, the latter is oxygenated by a large surface in the upper part. The well-closed rim allows the aromas to concentrate significantly, while the piqué bottom emphasises fine bubbles. On the tongue, Champagne will position itself in the middle of the tongue. M: 72 mm - Height: 233 mm - Depth: 130 g.

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