Modernage Sofa Support Board Sofa Seat Rejuvenator Strong Board 1-2-3 Sagging Seat Support | Armchair | Settee Soggy Seat Cushion Fixer | Upholstery Protector Super Solid… (3 Seater)

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Product details

Brand ‎Modernage
Model Number ‎MLL-R001
Colour ‎Beige
Product Dimensions ‎140 x 50 x 1 cm; 2.6 Kilograms
Material ‎Wood
Special Features ‎Folding
Item Weight ‎2.6 kg

RESTORING FIRMNESS: Sofa Saver providing support and restore firmness to saggy, lifeless and lousy seat cushions and provides shape back to sofa giving a new life to your sofa while saving you cost of replacing your living room suite. 3 SIZES AVAILABLE LONG LASTING MATERIAL - Made from PVC with hard fibre filling, the Sofa Saver’s built in sofa support boards are made to last. Insert this sofa saver into a sofa or suite to ensure it lasts as long as possible. Strong MDF wood boards act as a support to the base of your sofa preventing any potential sagging or damage to your sofa base. Combats Sagging Seats & Makes Them Feel Like New!. EASY ASSEMBLY: Its simple design allows you to put new support back into your piece of furniture within minutes. Just insert and slide the interlocking pieces into the corresponding sides and you're ready to fix that eye sore of a sag. Supports Sagging Cushions & Springs ONE SIZE FOR ALL; Choose between single, double and triple-seater sofa sizes.Prolongs the Life of Furniture with Minimal Hassle! FOR ARMCHAIRS & SOFAS (Adjustable) 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: While offering premium class products, we strive for 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are proudly standing firm in the hearts of people.

Customer questions and answers

  • Could these go on a corner sofa, and how many would i need
    I suppose it depends on how big your corner sofa is. My sofa seat rejuvenator is for a two seater sofa. You could put a second one down the other side of a corner sofa if it's a three seater sofa. If both sides are two seats then I don’t think it would work.
  • What are the dimensions
    39 in x 20 in or for the modern 51mm x 99 mm
  • What are the measurements for the 3 seater support board?
    The measurements of the 3-seater support board are 147cm x 47cm
  • Does the board have to rest on the frame around the springs to work successfully?
    Hi thank you for your message. It depends on the Sofa seat size and frame size. Regards

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