Online lighting shop 

Nowadays, more and more people are buying their lamps online, in case you are looking for an online lighting shop you are in the right place! At 7 Interior Design we have more than 500 lights and we offer the top lighting brands in the UK. With our different lamps designs you can easily combine it to your home decor and interior design

Ceiling Lights: you will find plenty of pendant ceiling lights, from retro, vintage to modern and contemporary designed lamps. Our ceiling lights are ideal for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. Additionally our vibrant colours are perfect for kids. 

Floor Lights: our modern floor lights are ideal to place it near your sofa or armchair. This is perfect for those evenings when you have to read a book or watch TV and enjoy the warm colours of a soft light. Check out our LED bulbs now to save more energy!

Table Lights: at 7 Interior Design we also have plenty of table lamps. Perfect for your home office, bedside table or decorating your entrance hall. 

Bulbs: in case you are looking for bulbs for your lamps, we have high quality affordable bulbs. Most of our bulbs are LED, so you can save energy. 

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